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Pattern Fitting 101: Demystifying Fit From Head to Toe

In this 6 week course, you will go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with ill fitting sewing patterns to confident in your ability to easily adapt any pattern to fit YOUR shape. Over the course of six modules, with 30 lessons, I will guide you through the easy process of fitting a woven top, knit top, knit pant and woven pant to your unique shape. At the completion of the class, you will gain the skill to confidently fit sewing patterns for your custom wardrobe.

Class will be held LIVE with Whitney of TomKat Stitchery

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Before I tell you more about this class, let's make sure you're a good fit.

Whether you are a new or seasoned sewist, the ability to adjust a pattern properly is imperative to creating a wardrobe you love.

In this online sewing course, we will walk through the process of diagnosing fit issues and learn to adjust a pattern to match your shape.

This class is for you if you have ever experienced:

  • Frustration with ill-fitting, handmade garments
  • Overwhelm with¬†diagnosing fit issues
  • Stress over altering the¬†pattern
  • Loneliness¬†by doing it all alone

I will guide you through the ins and outs of pattern fitting without over-complicating the process. Your anxiety will transform into confidence as you will be able to create the wardrobe you have been dreaming about without worry of over-fitting!

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learn how to sew online sewing courses TomKat Stitchery Whitney Luckenbill

By the end of this online sewing course, you will be able to...


Diagnose Your Fit Issues

I will DEMONSTRATE how to diagnose fit issues on four different body shapes.


Alter Patterns To Resolve Your Personal Fit Issues

I will TEACH you a step-by-step process to adjust your patterns.


Complete The Class With 4 Patterns Customized To Your Shape

I will GUIDE and ADVISE you through your pattern adjustments

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Plain and simple, Pattern Fitting 101 is going to change your sewing journey when it opens for enrollment.

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What's Inside Pattern Fitting 101?

6 Modules with video lessons including:

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Additional bonuses to aid you on your pattern fitting journey:

+ 6 Weeks of membership to a community with your classmates: This forum is open to ask questions, to give answers, and to support your fellow students. I'll also be popping on to answer questions!

+ Weekly Live Q&A Session: A live event within the classroom community where I will answer your questions and we can celebrate each other’s successes.

+ A Resource Center: A catalog of step-by-step video and written instructions for each of the pattern alterations.

+ Print-Friendly Worksheets: Each module will include worksheets to print or download to keep organized and supported along your journey.

+ Lifetime Access: You will have access to all the videos and supporting documents for life. This includes any updates that I make for future classes!

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learn how to sew online sewing courses TomKat Stitchery Whitney Luckenbill

I get it! It can be hard to justify an investment into our hobbies. However, sewing became much more than a hobby to me when I started my sewing journey back in 2006. Not only did it keep me sane during a time in my life that I was mothering young twins, but it also became a creative outlet and finally a job as they grew and my role as Mom changed. Fitting was a real barrier for me in my early years of sewing and if it hadn't been for the bounty of talented sewing instructors that have crossed my path, I wouldn't be doing what I love with such success today. Teaching you the joys and freedom of sewing your own wardrobe has been, and continues to be, a passion for me. When I thought about the number one barrier to enjoying this fabulous hobby, frustration with fit was the first thing that came to mind. While I understand this class isn't for everyone, my hope is that it will aid you in your own quests to sew your own garments and curate your own handmade wardrobes. I'm just so excited to have the opportunity to meet you, teach you and cheer you on inside Pattern Fitting 101!



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