In today's world of faster is better, many ask the question, why custom?  In short, because it's better.  It will last forever with some minor alterations and mending.  It is created to fit the unique and wonderful shape that is you.  Never again are you forced to chose something less than what you wanted because the design is up to you! While this all sounds great, there is a longer answer.

In 2013, Bangladesh made world news when one of its garment factories collapsed killing over 1,100 people.  How could such a thing happen?  The short answer is fast fashion.  You see, when we purchase clothing at discount outlets, we are telling the garment industry that a low price is most important to us.  While on the outset you may agree with this, consider what that means.  In order to charge us with these low prices, they must produce the clothing for even lower prices.  This is where the exploitation of overseas workers comes into play.  In order to feed their families, they are forced to work dangerous jobs that in no way pay them what their skills are worth.  In addition to fast fashion creating this horrible cycle, it has also created a society of waste.

From the beginning of the 1900s to around the 1960s, average Americans spent roughly 15% of their yearly income on their clothing.  Today that percentage has dropped to less than 4%.  In previous decades, people would spend more money on fewer clothing items.  The idea was to restyle, alter, and mend these wonderful investments to last for years.  Today, society is able to get the trendiest styles at the drop of a hat.  It doesn't matter that they aren't made well, because consumers will be ready to replace them after a couple of washes anyway.  What waste!

While I could wax poetic on the importance of knowing the source of all your goods (i.e., clothing, food, health care, and beauty products), I really want to use this space to educate about why a potential clothes buyer should consider custom.  First, we are all uniquely made and this, unfortunately, means that ready-to-wear really fits no one perfectly.  This is to no fault of the garment industry.  It just is.  Custom allows clients a set of perfectly fitting patterns.  Second, the client is given complete control over the design.  If a client hates pockets, wishes everything had pockets, or wishes that coat she loved in the catalog came in a more flattering color, all can be addressed and fixed with a consultation with a design expert.  Finally, custom clothing is just made better.  A qualified tailor or dressmaker will be able to use techniques that the big guys just can't afford to use.  Thus, a better quality garment made of better quality materials will last clients a lifetime.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or if you have any questions regarding the custom clothing process, please ask. It's not as expensive as you might thing and the first consultation is free!