My mission here at TomKat Stitchery is a simple one.  I long to share the creative process of sewing and curating a better wardrobe with woman from all over the world.  What does "better" mean?  To me, a "better" wardrobe is a wardrobe that not only embodies your personality and personal style, but also one that includes nothing but pieces that you love and reach for morning after morning.

Our society has definitely become one of "fast."  Everything we could want or need seems to be at our fingertips at all times.  This includes our clothes.  No longer is a dress or outfit something special that we love, but has now become a disposable commodity that we pick up on a trend driven whim.  So many of us complain of having a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.  What's the fix for this?  I believe a curated wardrobe is the answer to this problem.  While I believe a curated wardrobe can certainly be created by adding carefully chosen and vetted ready-to-wear items to ones wardrobe, I have taken it a step further.

When I learned garment sewing in 2011, I was SHOCKED at the shift in my own personal body image.  I am short and have been curvy all of my life.  I have a short torso and a high waist.  My shoulders are narrow, but my bust is large.  Combine all those fitting issues and its a wonder I was ever able to buy anything from a store.  When I uncovered the mystery's of fitting (I apprenticed under a master seamstress for a few years to learn most of these skills), I was shocked at styles I had previously thought just didn't work for my figure, were actually the most flattering when they fit properly!  Another shift was the way I saw my body.  No longer did I see my figure as flawed  or bad because it didn't fit into store bought clothes.  Now I could make the clothes fit my body and start to love my body and figure for the first time in my entire life.

Sewing, in general, has been a fantastic journey.  I love learning more and more about this craft I love (and will never stop learning), but I have finally gotten to a point in my journey where I feel like I can give back.  One of my greatest joys is to see the excitement in another when they figure out a pattern alteration for a fitting issue they possess, or when the dress they've dreamed up actually becomes a reality.  This is the purpose of TomKat Stitchery: to help others create their better wardrobe and in the process continue creating one of my own.  Thanks for joining me!