The Wonders of Shibori Dyeing

For those of you that aren't aware, I am a member of a fantastic trade association.  The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals is a global organization that connects and offers many other perks to those in the sewing and design profession.  For more information, check them out here.

My local chapter is amazing.  They are my people and my tribe.  We get together once a month and learn something new, visit fashion exhibits at various museums, and even take fashion related trips together.  Recently, however, we attended a short class on Shibori dyeing. 

According to Wikipedia, Shibori is a Japanese tie-dyeing technique, using a variety of techniques in different shapes to make different patterns.  In short, Shibori is amazing. 

Every year ASDP does a continuing education conference where they offer a wide and varying array of classes.  Every year I try and pick classes that will directly affect my business, but I always allow myself one fun class that I might never use in my professional life.  This year that class was silk painting.  I won't go into deep detail on the class, but it opened a whole world of dyeing possibilities and I pretty much bought all the things my instructor was selling (that's another issue for another day).  Needless to say, when I found out our group was going to take this class, I was ecstatic.  Below are some pictures of my group in action.  Please excuse the photo quality.  These were all taken on my phone.  I'm still trying to figure out the fancy camera!



I took along 3 yards of silk crepe de chine and this is what my 3 yards of 55" wide silk looked like all rolled and twisted onto it's tube. 


I decided to use a navy, kelly green, and coral color scheme.  It doesn't look like much on the roll does it?  But look what happened when I unrolled it!

Isn't it beautiful?  I have a few ideas of what this yardage is going to become.  In fact, because of the bonus width (silk typically comes in 36" or 44" widths) I might even have enough to do a couple of somethings with this yardage.  What will it be?  You'll just have to wait and find out!